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Relations between Switzerland and the EU are developing continually. The two partners are working on a number of other files in addition to the current agreements.

Swiss enlargement contribution
Through its enlargement contribution Switzerland, has made a commitment to reducing the economic and social disparities in the enlarged EU as well as expressed its solidarity with its neighbours in the European Union.
Switzerland and the European Union are planning to conclude an agreement on the transit of electricity. The main concern for both sides is the security of supply in a liberalised market environment.
Agriculture, food safety, product safety and public health
Switzerland and the EU conduct negotiations on opening up entirely their respective food production and processing sectors and on establishing closer cooperation in the areas of food and product safety and public health.
Emissions trading
An agreement is intended to regulate the linking of the Swiss emissions-trading system (ETS) with the ETS of the EU through the mutual recognition of emissions credits.
Switzerland is already participating in EU peace promotion missions. The modalities of this cooperation for future operations could be regulated in a framework agreement.
A new ordinance on safety in handling chemicals has been in force since 2007. A bilateral agreement will also safeguard Switzerland's environmental, public health and economic interests in this sector.
Tax issues
On 1st July 2014, Switzerland and the European Union (EU) initialed a mutual understanding on business taxation. The business taxation dialogue which Switzerland and the EU are conducting since July 2012 is thus coming to an end. In the document, the Federal Council reaffirms its intention to propose abolishing certain tax regimes within the framework of the third series of corporate tax reforms.
European Asylum Support Office (EASO)
Switzerland is seeking observer status at the European Asylum Support Office (EASO).
Institutional issues
«Institutional issues» concern the way relations between Switzerland and the EU are organised. Institutional procedures determine which body or institution is authorised - or not - to act in any given situation.

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